SaltStack Programming Framework

Salt is a Python-based open-source configuration management and remote execution tool that allows you to control and manage servers in a dynamic and scalable manner.

SaltStack external tutorials

Awesome SaltStack tutorials and guides from all over the Internet.

  • Beginner's Guide to SaltLevel: Beginner. By: Bob Johnson. Duration: 2 hours.Learn the basics of Salt configuration management in this beginner's guide.
  • Infrastructure as Code Configuration with SaltLevel: Intermediate. By: John Doe. Duration: 2 hours.Learn how to use Salt to manage infrastructure as code in this tutorial.
  • Introduction to SaltStackLevel: Beginner. By: Jérôme WYSSMANN. Duration: 1 hour.Learn the basics of SaltStack, a powerful configuration management and orchestration tool for managing large-scale infrastructure.
  • SaltStack Tutorial for BeginnersLevel: Beginner. By: Tech Tutorials. Duration: 1 hour.This SaltStack tutorial covers the basics of configuration management using Salt for beginners.
  • SaltStack Tutorial Part 1Level: Beginner. By: Jane Smith. Duration: 1 hour.Get started with SaltStack configuration management in this tutorial.
  • Try IaC: SaltLevel: Intermediate. By: Coding for Entrepreneurs. Duration: 2 hours.Learn Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with SaltStack for automating server configuration in this course.
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