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See what our users say about us!

Here from our users why hix.dev is the one stop solution for starting a new programming project!

Hix is an excellent generator that allows you to skip boring repetitive actions that are necessary to start a new project.
Wojciech Krzywda
Ruby on Rails Developer
Hix offers a solution to a common problem - setting up new applications seamlessly with reasonable defaults. It can already help save time and its roadmap makes it even more promising.
Karol Galanciak
Distributed Systems Architect, Ruby on Rails expert, CTO at BookingSync.
I’ve used templates to quickly setup Rails apps in the past, but Hix so far demonstrated to be a much more comprehensive and modern solution, for fullstack apps as well API-only.
Alberto Trivero
Web Platforms Architect & Cybersecurity Consultant

Prioritize Code Quality…

Hix projects come preconfigured with multiple choices of popular tools that vastly improve new project’s maintainability.

Thanks to hooking them up together into the freshly initialized project you don’t have to worry about maintaining a high quality of the new project’s codebase.

New applications are ensured to align with widely known best practices recognized by their amazing communities, from day one.


…and project checklist

Hix enables you to easily configure all the aspects of professionally set up application based on your need.

It all takes only a few minutes, saving both the time and trouble of finding out the correct setup for a wide range of popular tools that improve your development experience.

Docker composed

The generated projects are meant to be as easy to develop as possible and they are prepared to run via the docker compose by default.

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Automate your projects initialization.

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