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#What is hix?

According to the urban dictionary

-noun: one who is known for attracting large amounts of females due to smooth talking. -adj.: to be smooth when talking with a female. “Man, I wish I could be a hix like John; he’s always so good with women.”

by JoeyLan10 November 26, 2011

Imagine the code that smooth.

#Why hix.dev?

We started as hixonrails.com in late 2019, doing pretty much the same stuff you can see here, just solely dedicated to Ruby on Rails framework. The story behind hix is simple: at one point in my career, I worked for the company that had ~20 Ruby on Rails projects, and was asked to start a new one.

Seeing the code of others, I realized there is no pattern, schema or standard - same problems were solved in a different manner, and even worse, by the same tools but with a different approach.

Recognizing this as an unnecessary mental overhead for whomever was going to come working there next, I decided that the product for starting new projects in an orderly manner is one that I’d not only love to use, but also to maintain and develop.

For the sake of those, who want to just get down to business, and skip the mundane configuration part.

#What hix.dev has to offer?

It comes down to this:

  1. Out platform polls for every integrated product’s updates.
  2. Template maintainers are notified.
  3. They check the update, making sure the framework works with the new code.
  4. We release updates to the templates.

This way, every time you start a new project using hix.dev, you are sure that the latest versions of software of your choice works together.

On top of that, we:

  • constantly integrate new popular libraries, based on your feedback,
  • write tutorials on integrating various tools for supported frameworks,
  • stay in touch with the community,
  • contribute to the open-sourced libraries our users vote for.

We configure, so you can focus on delivering.

#Where does hix.dev aim?

Our priorities are to:

  1. Keep all templates dependencies up-to-date on a daily basis.
  2. Providing recognizable projects structures.
  3. Presenting battle-tested solutions to common problems.
  4. Enabling the best possible developer experience.

Our goal is to provide a way to start new programming projects for everyone, for the smallest price possible, with all the popular solutions to choose from.

We’d like to equip our subscribers with as much automation and knowledge as possible.

#How does hix.dev actually work?

The most vital part of our system is to actually keep everything up to date. The workflow looks as follows:

Update algorithm
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