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We are always on the lookout for the great talent, see our offer below.

#Become a Template Maintainer

As you have most likely seen on our homepage, there are a lot of programming projects that are still to be implemented. We are looking for people to develop and maintain them on our platform.


  1. Proven track record in the chosen field.
  2. Strong proficiency in communicating with other developers.

#Terms of cooperation

We don’t pay salary - we are looking for partners. This means that you will earn a percentage fee of every money we make - without limits.

  1. Flat % fee (without a ceiling) from every one-time purchase and subscription.
  2. 2-years non-compete agreement.
  3. Non-disclosure agreement.
  4. Intellectual property waive.

This is a remote-only, contractor-only B2B offer.


There are 2 phases of our co-op:

Phase 1 - creating template from scratch (initial release, finite):

  1. Research on template’s categories and their products - building a defined directory structure of YML files, to be loaded into the website so we can start collecting feedback.
  2. Development of an initial, the most basic template generation path (that’s ideally free to use).

Phase 2 - template maintenance priority (indefinitely):

  1. Premium users support - immediate fixing of template builds problems.
  2. Free users support - lower-prio fixing of template builds problems.
  3. Progressive write-up of FAQ that we later link to when contacted.
  4. Bumping versions of already integrated packages.
  5. Integrating new packages based on user’s feedback.
  6. Writing tutorials (optional, nice to have).


Phase 1 - if there isn’t a paid template you can just go - no hard feelings.
Phase 2 - if there is a paid template:

  1. 2-months notice, up until we together train your replacement.
  2. During the next 3-months after you leave, you will still be receiving the % fee money agreed upon in the contract, to compensate the initial effort.


If you are interested, email us at with the following, replacing {technology} with the template name you would like to develop:

Subject: “New Template Maintainer - '{technology}'”

  1. Credentials: first and last name
  2. CV attached.
  3. Relevant links: personal website, Github, Gitlab, StackOverflow, LinkedIn.


#Become a Content Writer

We’re always looking for new authors - write for us! If you’ve got an idea that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear about it!

If you are interested, email us at with the following:

Subject: “New Content Writer”

  1. Credentials: first and last name
  2. Pitch: What would you like to write about?
  3. Links to your previous work, if any (optional).
  4. CV attached (optional).


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