Diesel Admin Administration

Diesel Admin is an admin panel framework for Rust web applications built on top of the Diesel ORM.

#What is Diesel Admin?

Diesel Admin is an open-source admin panel framework built for Rust-based web applications. It provides a simple interface for managing application data and database schemas. It was designed to be extensible, allowing developers to easily add new functionality to their admin panel.

#Diesel Admin Key Features

Most recognizable Diesel Admin features include:

  • User authentication and authorization system
  • Customizable dashboard with widgets and charts
  • Built-in data editing interface with support for CRUD operations
  • Integration with the Diesel ORM for database access
  • Flexible and customizable layout system
  • Easy to extend with custom plugins and widgets

#Diesel Admin Use-Cases

Some of the Diesel Admin use-cases are:

  • Building internal administration tools for web applications
  • Providing a user-friendly interface for managing application data
  • Creating a custom CMS (content management system) for websites
  • Building custom dashboards and data visualizations
  • Providing a centralized interface for managing multiple applications or databases
  • Creating custom reports and analytics tools

#Diesel Admin Summary

Diesel Admin is an open-source admin panel framework for Rust-based web applications that provides a customizable dashboard, data editing interface, and easy extensibility.

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