WebJars Assets Pipeline

WebJars is a package manager for web assets that brings Java-friendly, manageable and declarative dependencies to front-end development.

#What is WebJars?

WebJars is a web asset management tool that provides an easy way to manage web dependencies for JVM-based web applications. It was created to solve the problem of including client-side libraries and frameworks in Java-based web projects.

#WebJars Key Features

Most recognizable WebJars features include:

  • Centralized dependency management: WebJars can manage dependencies on a variety of client-side libraries and frameworks.
  • Versioning: WebJars use a consistent versioning scheme that ensures compatibility across different versions of client-side libraries and frameworks.
  • Simplified packaging: WebJars are packaged as JAR files, which makes it easy to include them in Java-based web projects.
  • Automatic resource mapping: WebJars automatically map resources to their correct paths in the web application.
  • Integration with build tools: WebJars can be easily integrated with popular build tools like Maven and Gradle.
  • CDN support: WebJars can be served from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for improved performance and scalability.

#WebJars Use-Cases

Some of the WebJars use-cases are:

  • Including client-side libraries and frameworks in Java-based web projects.
  • Simplifying web asset management by centralizing dependencies and versioning.
  • Improving web application performance by serving WebJars from a CDN.

#WebJars Summary

WebJars is a powerful asset management tool for Java-based web applications that simplifies dependency management, versioning, and packaging of client-side libraries and frameworks.

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