Oj Data Serialization

Oj is a fast JSON parser and serializer for Ruby. It is written in C as an extension and bundled with Ruby.

#What is Oj?

Oj is a C library for parsing and serializing JSON data. It is designed to be fast and efficient, with a small memory footprint. Oj provides a simple and flexible API for reading and writing JSON data, with support for custom serialization and deserialization routines.

#Oj Key Features

Designed to be extremely fast and efficient,

  • Low memory overhead,
  • Streaming parser that can handle large JSON documents without consuming excessive memory,
  • Support for various JSON extensions such as comments and trailing commas.

#Oj Use-Cases

Here are some notable use cases for Oj:

  • Building high-performance web applications that need to process large amounts of JSON data
  • Building command-line tools that need to manipulate JSON data
  • Parsing and generating configuration files in JSON format
  • Interfacing with external systems that use JSON for data exchange
  • Storing and retrieving JSON data in databases
  • Building RESTful web services that use JSON for data representation

#Oj Summary

Oj is a fast and efficient C library for parsing and serializing JSON data, with a simple and flexible API and support for various JSON extensions. It is suitable for a wide range of applications that need to work with JSON data, including web applications, command-line tools, and database applications.

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