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Eventsourcing for Java (es4j) is a lightweight framework for building applications based on the event sourcing architecture pattern. It provides a simple and flexible way to model and persist domain events.

  • Since:2012

#What is es4j?

es4j is a database framework that supports Event Sourcing design pattern in Java applications. The Event Sourcing design pattern is used for recording all changes made to an application’s state as a sequence of events. The framework allows developers to store events in a database, query them, and use them to recreate the application state at any given point in time.

#es4j Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of es4j are:

  • Support for event streams, where events are grouped together and identified by a unique stream ID.
  • Support for projections, which can be used to query event data in a variety of ways.
  • A simple API for storing and retrieving events and event streams.
  • Integration with popular Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate.
  • Support for distributed architectures with clustering and partitioning capabilities.
  • Ability to scale horizontally and vertically.

#es4j Use-Cases

Some common use cases for es4j include:

  • Building applications that require an audit trail of all changes made to the application state.
  • Developing financial systems that require a complete history of all transactions.
  • Implementing data analysis and reporting systems that need access to historical data.
  • Creating event-driven architectures and microservices.

#es4j Summary

es4j is a Java-based framework for implementing Event Sourcing design pattern in applications that require tracking changes to application state over time. It supports event streams, projections, and can be integrated with popular Java frameworks.

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