Artillery End To End Tests

Artillery is a modern load testing and functional testing framework for APIs, microservices, and web applications written in Node.js.

#What is Artillery?

Artillery E2E Tests is an open-source load testing tool that allows developers to test the performance and scalability of their web applications. It is designed to be highly configurable and scriptable, enabling developers to create complex load testing scenarios that accurately simulate real-world traffic. Artillery is suitable for both functional and non-functional testing, including stress testing, endurance testing, and spike testing.

#Artillery Key Features

Most recognizable Artillery features include:

  • Open-source load testing tool
  • Highly configurable and scriptable
  • Real-time reporting and metrics
  • Distributed load testing
  • Support for various protocols and data formats
  • Flexible scripting language

#Artillery Use-Cases

Some of the Artillery use-cases are:

  • Stress testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Spike testing
  • Performance testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Load testing

#Artillery Summary

Artillery E2E Tests is an open-source load testing tool designed for stress testing, endurance testing, spike testing, performance testing, scalability testing, and load testing of web applications, with features that include real-time reporting and metrics, distributed load testing, support for various protocols and data formats, and a flexible scripting language.

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