File Templating is a Java implementation of the Mustache templating language.

#What is is a Java implementation of the Mustache templating language, which provides a simple and powerful way to render data into text-based templates. Mustache templates are designed to be logic-less and can be used with many programming languages, making them an ideal choice for generating text-based output across multiple platforms. Key Features

Here are some of the most recognizable features of

  • Simple and easy-to-learn syntax
  • Provides a separation of concerns between data and presentation
  • Supports inheritance and partials for code reuse
  • Allows for flexible and customizable delimiters
  • Supports various types of data, including lists, maps, and custom objects
  • Integrates with various Java frameworks and libraries. Use-Cases

Some use cases for include:

  • Generating HTML templates for web applications
  • Creating email templates with dynamic data
  • Generating reports and documents in text-based formats such as CSV and PDF
  • Building configuration files and scripts with dynamic values
  • Creating documentation or help files with dynamic content
  • Generating code or configuration files for other programming languages. Summary is a Java implementation of the Mustache templating language that provides a simple, flexible, and portable way to generate text-based output from data.

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