Haraka Mail Transfer Agent

Haraka is an open source SMTP server written in Node.js. It is designed to be fast, extensible, and secure.

#What is Haraka?

Haraka is an open-source, high-performance Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) designed for Node.js, a popular JavaScript runtime. It provides a flexible, modular architecture that allows developers to create customized email solutions for various use cases.

#Haraka Key Features

Most recognizable Haraka features include:

  • High-performance and scalable
  • Flexible and modular architecture
  • Built-in support for spam and virus filtering
  • Supports multiple email protocols, including SMTP and LMTP
  • Provides extensive plugin support for customization and extensibility
  • Offers easy integration with Node.js applications

#Haraka Use-Cases

Some of the Haraka use-cases are:

  • Email service providers for providing email hosting services
  • Large enterprises for managing mission-critical email systems
  • Developers for building custom email solutions
  • Small and medium-sized businesses for internal email communication
  • Educational institutions for email services to students and faculty
  • Governments and non-profit organizations for secure and reliable email communication

#Haraka Summary

Haraka Mail Transfer Agent is a high-performance, flexible, and modular mail server software that offers built-in support for spam and virus filtering, extensive plugin support, and easy integration with Node.js applications.

#Haraka Summary

Haraka Mail Transfer Agent is a high-performance and flexible mail server software used in various applications, including email service providers, large enterprises, developers, small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, and governments.

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