Hiawatha Web Server

Hiawatha is a lightweight, open-source web server with security features built-in. It is known for its ease of use and high performance.

#What is Hiawatha?

Hiawatha is a lightweight, secure and easy-to-use web server designed for serving websites with high-traffic. It is written in C and can run on various operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.

#Hiawatha Key Features

Most recognizable Hiawatha features include:

  • Advanced security features, including the ability to block SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks
  • Easy to configure and use, with a web-based management interface
  • Built-in support for URL rewriting and redirection
  • Fast and efficient, with low resource usage
  • Compatibility with most web technologies, including CGI, FastCGI, and SCGI
  • Detailed logging and analytics

#Hiawatha Use-Cases

Some of the Hiawatha use-cases are:

  • Serving websites with high-traffic and security requirements
  • Blocking SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks
  • Configuring and managing web server with a web-based interface
  • URL rewriting and redirection for improved SEO and user experience
  • Low resource usage for efficient server operation
  • Detailed logging and analytics for improved website performance monitoring

#Hiawatha Summary

Hiawatha Web Server is a lightweight and secure web server with advanced security features, easy-to-use web-based management interface, built-in support for URL rewriting and redirection, fast and efficient operation, compatibility with most web technologies, and detailed logging and analytics. It is commonly used for serving websites with high-traffic and security requirements, blocking SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks, managing web server configuration, improving SEO and user experience through URL rewriting and redirection, efficient server operation, and website performance monitoring through detailed logging and analytics.

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