Micronaut Programming Framework

A modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Micronaut external tutorials

Awesome Micronaut tutorials and guides from all over the Internet.

  • Building a Micronaut ApplicationLevel: Intermediate. By: AWS Online Tech Talks. Duration: 1 hour.In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to build a Micronaut application and deploy it to AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Micronaut: A JVM-based full-stack Java frameworkLevel: Beginner. By: Micronaut. Duration: Varies.Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full-stack Java framework designed for building modular, easily testable microservice applications.
  • Micronaut Framework TutorialLevel: Intermediate. By: Baeldung. Duration: 5 hours.This tutorial provides a detailed introduction to Micronaut framework and how to build a RESTful web service using Java or Kotlin.
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