Zsh Programming Framework

Zsh is a Unix shell that is built on top of Bash (the default shell for macOS) with many additional features. It provides advanced command line editing, path expansion, and completion features.

Zsh external tutorials

Awesome Zsh tutorials and guides from all over the Internet.

  • AntigenLevel: Intermediate. A plugin manager for Zsh with a simple and concise configuration syntax.
  • Mastering Zsh: An IntroductionLevel: Beginner. By: Ivan Augusto Barbosa Damasceno. Duration: 30 minutes.A beginner-friendly tutorial covering Zsh basics and how to customize it for maximum productivity.
  • Oh My ZshLevel: Beginner. A popular and widely used Zsh framework with over 1,400 contributors.
  • PreztoLevel: Beginner. A fast and lightweight Zsh framework with a focus on simplicity and speed.
  • ZimLevel: Intermediate. A Zsh framework that provides an easy-to-use configuration system and a collection of plugins.
  • ZinitLevel: Advanced. A flexible and fast Zsh plugin manager with a focus on performance.
  • Zsh Introduction Tutorial by Zsh Users' GroupLevel: Beginner. By: Zsh Users' Group. Duration: 2 hours.A detailed tutorial for getting started with Zsh, covering basic usage and customization.
  • Zsh Plugin Manager (ZPM) TutorialLevel: Intermediate. By: Zdharma Initiative. Duration: 1 hour.A tutorial on how to use Zsh Plugin Manager (ZPM) to manage Zsh plugins and configurations.
  • Zsh Tutorial by Derek WyattLevel: Intermediate. By: Derek Wyatt. Duration: 6 hours.A comprehensive video tutorial series covering all aspects of Zsh, including customizations and plugins.
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