ng-translate Internationalization

A localization library for Angular that uses message format interpolation.

#What is ng-translate?2

ng-translate is an internationalization library for AngularJS and Angular, which provides a simple and efficient way to translate AngularJS applications. The library offers a set of features to help translate web pages and applications. The library is open source and maintained by a community of contributors.

#ng-translate Key Features

Most recognizable ng-translate features include:

  • Provides built-in directives to translate page content
  • Allows for dynamic language switching without a page refresh
  • Supports both static and dynamic translations
  • Provides a built-in filter to translate strings in expressions
  • Supports both singular and plural forms of translations
  • Offers various storage mechanisms to store translations.

#ng-translate Use-Cases

Some of the ng-translate use-cases are:

  • Translating web pages and applications in multiple languages
  • Making content on web pages and applications accessible to users who speak different languages
  • Building internationalized web applications and websites with AngularJS and Angular.

#ng-translate Summary

ng-translate is a popular internationalization library for AngularJS and Angular that offers built-in directives, dynamic language switching, support for singular and plural translations, and various storage mechanisms. It is useful for translating web pages and applications in multiple languages and building internationalized web applications and websites.

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