Vue-gettext Internationalization

A gettext localization plugin for Vue.js 2.0

#What is Vue-gettext?2

Vue-gettext is an i18n library designed specifically for Vue.js applications. It allows developers to translate their applications into different languages by providing a set of tools and methods to manage translations. Vue-gettext is designed to be easy to use, and it integrates seamlessly with Vue.js applications.

#Vue-gettext Key Features

Most recognizable Vue-gettext features include:

  • Easy to use API for managing translations
  • Supports gettext and GNU gettext translation formats
  • Can extract strings from your Vue.js templates and source code automatically
  • Integrates with Vue.js components and templates to enable dynamic translations
  • Provides a set of Vue.js directives for displaying translated text
  • Supports pluralization and gender forms in translations

#Vue-gettext Use-Cases

Some of the Vue-gettext use-cases are:

  • Localizing Vue.js applications for different languages
  • Creating multilingual websites with Vue.js
  • Supporting different languages in Vue.js mobile applications
  • Building internationalized Vue.js applications for global audiences

#Vue-gettext Summary

Vue-gettext is an i18n library that provides developers with an easy way to manage translations for their Vue.js applications. It offers a rich set of features and tools for translating applications into different languages and can be used for a wide range of use-cases.

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