Mailslurp Mail Testing

Mailslurp is an API for sending and receiving emails from dynamically allocated email addresses in your tests and applications. Create email addresses on-demand, receive emails and attachments, and send email and attachments from your tests and applications.

#What is Mailslurp?

Mailslurp is an email testing tool designed for developers to help test their applications’ email functionality. It allows users to create and manage real email addresses in real-time for testing email sending, receiving, and automation workflows.

#Mailslurp Key Features

Most-recognizable Mailslurp features include:

  • API-driven email creation and inbox management.
  • Supports multiple programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.
  • Webhooks allow for real-time notifications when new emails arrive.
  • Advanced search functionality to help find specific emails within inboxes.
  • Built-in support for attachments and MIME types.
  • Custom email address domains and aliases.

#Mailslurp Use-Cases

Some of the Mailslurp use-cases are:

  • Testing email sending and receiving functionality during application development.
  • Automating email workflows and testing automated email sequences.
  • Verifying user email addresses and validating email content in web applications.
  • Creating test accounts for applications that require email verification.
  • Integration with other testing and automation tools for end-to-end testing.

#Mailslurp Summary

Mailslurp is an API-driven email testing tool that allows for real-time management of email addresses and inboxes, advanced search functionality, and supports multiple programming languages. It’s commonly used for testing email functionality during application development and automation workflows.

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