Instana Monitoring Performance

Instana is a fully automatic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution designed for microservices and cloud-native architectures.

#What is Instana?

Instana is an Application Performance Monitoring tool that uses AI and automation to help DevOps teams manage their applications and infrastructure. It provides real-time monitoring, tracing, and analysis of applications running on any platform, including cloud-native and containerized environments.

#Instana Key Features

Most recognizable Instana features include:

  • Automatic discovery and mapping of application components and their dependencies
  • Continuous tracing of requests across distributed systems
  • Real-time performance analysis of application and infrastructure metrics
  • Built-in AI and automation to detect anomalies and provide recommendations

#Instana Use-Cases

Some of the Instana use-cases are:

  • Integration with popular DevOps tools like Kubernetes and Jenkins
  • Flexible deployment options, including SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid models.

#Instana Summary

Instana APM is an AI-driven monitoring tool that provides real-time performance analysis of applications and infrastructure, especially in microservices and containerized environments. It offers automatic discovery and tracing of dependencies, as well as flexible deployment options and integrations with popular DevOps tools.

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