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  • Airbrake

    Airbrake is a real-time error monitoring and alerting tool that helps software teams detect and fix errors in their applications. With Airbrake, developers can easily pinpoint the root cause of errors and resolve them before they impact users.
  • AppDynamics

    AppDynamics is an application performance management (APM) and IT operations analytics (ITOA) company based in San Francisco.
  • AppEnsure

    AppEnsure is an application performance management (APM) solution that provides visibility and real-time analytics across distributed, hybrid and cloud-native environments.
  • Applications Manager

    Applications Manager is an application performance management solution that monitors applications, servers, databases, and transactions across complex IT environments.
  • AppOptics

    SolarWinds AppOptics is a cloud-based application performance monitoring platform that provides visibility into the performance and health of applications and infrastructure, with real-time monitoring, tracing, and alerting.
  • AppSignal

    AppSignal is an all-in-one monitoring solution for Ruby and Elixir applications. It provides performance, error, and uptime monitoring as well as metrics and tracing.
  • Blue Stripe

    Blue Stripe is an application performance management (APM) solution that provides end-to-end visibility into distributed applications.
  • BMC TrueSight

    BMC TrueSight Application Performance Monitoring is an end-to-end application monitoring solution that provides visibility into the performance and health of business-critical applications and the IT infrastructure that supports them.
  • Broadcom DX APM

    CA APM (now Broadcom DX APM) is an application performance monitoring tool that provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of business-critical applications and the infrastructure they run on.
  • CA Agile Central

    CA Agile Central, formerly known as Rally Software Development, is a software tool used to track and manage agile software development.
  • Catchpoint

    Catchpoint provides digital experience monitoring and test automation solutions to help you deliver amazing customer experiences.
  • DataDog

    Datadog is a cloud monitoring platform that provides real-time insights into application performance, infrastructure, and logs. It offers a unified view of all systems, apps, and services, and can be used to detect and resolve issues before they affect end-users.
  • Dynatrace

    Dynatrace is a software intelligence company providing application performance management (APM), artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps), cloud infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience management (DEM) software.
  • Elastic APM

    Elastic APM is a distributed tracing and application performance monitoring system.
  • Honeycomb

    Honeycomb is a modern observability platform that provides real-time, high cardinality analytics to understand how your applications and systems are performing.
  • IBM Cloud APM

    IBM Cloud APM (Application Performance Management) provides visibility, control and automation across your applications, infrastructure and network.
  • Instana APM

    Instana is a fully automatic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution designed for microservices and cloud-native architectures.
  • Instrumental

    Instrumental is a real-time, high-scale application and server monitoring tool designed for modern web and mobile apps. Monitor key metrics, catch errors, and optimize performance.
  • LightStep

    LightStep is a distributed tracing platform that provides application performance insights to software teams. It allows developers and SREs to proactively detect and resolve issues in complex distributed systems.
  • LogicMonitor APM

    LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based performance monitoring platform that provides full-stack observability.
  • Micro Focus APM

    Micro Focus Application Performance Management (APM) provides end-to-end visibility and insights into applications and infrastructure with a unified view of user experience, application performance, and system health for mainstream and emerging technologies.
  • Moogsoft AIOps

    Moogsoft AIOps platform provides a flexible, scalable and powerful approach to detect, triage and resolve incidents for IT Operations and DevOps teams
  • Nastel AutoPilot

    Nastel AutoPilot is an AI-based application performance monitoring (APM) solution that provides real-time insights into the health and performance of complex applications across multiple environments.
  • Opsview

    Opsview is an IT infrastructure monitoring software platform that provides full-stack monitoring of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises IT systems.
  • Oracle APM

    Oracle APM is a cloud-based, end-to-end application performance monitoring (APM) solution that enables developers, IT operations and business analysts to monitor and troubleshoot their applications in real-time.
  • OverOps

    OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies who create software to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience.
  • Pingdom

    Pingdom is a website and performance monitoring service.
  • Raygun APM

    Raygun APM is a powerful real-time application performance monitoring tool that lets you dive deep into your applications, giving you complete visibility into every part of your software stack and helps you identify and diagnose performance issues before they become problems for your end users.
  • Retrace

    Retrace provides an easy-to-use monitoring, troubleshooting, and code profiling solution for developers.
  • Rig APM

    Rig is an open-source APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool that is designed to be fast, simple and easy to use. It provides real-time performance data in a web-based dashboard, and supports multiple programming languages and platforms.
  • Riverbed SteelCentral

    Riverbed SteelCentral APM is a powerful and comprehensive application performance monitoring solution that provides deep insights into application performance and end user experience.
  • Rookout

    Rookout provides instant visibility into live application code with zero latency and no performance hit. Get complete observability without adding logging or changing code.
  • RoRvsWild

    RoRvsWild is an application performance monitoring tool for Ruby on Rails applications. It provides real-time insights into application performance and helps identify and resolve bottlenecks.
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM is a performance monitoring tool designed to help developers quickly find and fix performance issues in their applications. It supports multiple languages and platforms, and provides detailed metrics and tracing.
  • Sematext

    Sematext provides infrastructure, application performance monitoring and log management solutions for modern software teams using container and microservices.
  • SignalFx

    SignalFx is a cloud monitoring and observability platform for modern applications.
  • Skylight

    Skylight is a cloud-based application performance monitoring tool for Ruby, Rails, and Elixir applications. It provides deep insights into application performance and helps developers identify and fix issues quickly.
  • Splunk APM

    Splunk APM is a cloud-based application performance monitoring solution that helps DevOps teams identify and fix issues in real time.
  • Stackify Retrace

    Stackify Retrace is an APM solution that provides code-level visibility, log management, error tracking, and performance metrics for applications running on servers, cloud platforms, and containerized environments. With Retrace, developers can monitor the health and performance of their applications, troubleshoot issues faster, and optimize the end-user experience.
  • Sysdig

    Sysdig is an open source, cross-platform system exploration and troubleshooting tool.
  • Thundra

    Thundra is a cloud-native application observability and security platform for modern applications built on serverless and containers. Thundra provides end-to-end visibility into the applications, services, and resources in serverless, containers, and traditional environments.
  • Tideways

    Tideways is a PHP performance monitoring and profiling solution that traces your application performance and optimizes it for maximum speed and scalability.
  • TraceView

    TraceView from AppNeta provides tracing, metrics and logs for your applications and infrastructure.
  • Vectra AI APM

    Vectra AI provides AI-powered network detection and response (NDR) and application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities to help customers strengthen their security posture and optimize application performance.
  • Zabbix

    Zabbix is an open source monitoring software tool for diverse IT components, including networks, servers, virtual machines (VMs) and cloud services.
  • Zipkin

    Zipkin is a distributed tracing system that helps us gather timing data for all the disparate services at Twitter. It manages both the collection and lookup of this data through a Collector and a Query service.

#What is Monitoring Performance?

In software development, Monitoring Performance refers to the process of measuring and analyzing the performance of an application or system. It involves the collection of data on system performance, analysis of the data, and taking necessary steps to optimize the system.

#Monitoring Performance usage benefits

Here are some key benefits of Monitoring Performance in software development:

  • Identify bottlenecks: Performance monitoring helps to identify bottlenecks that are causing slow system performance. Once identified, developers can take necessary steps to optimize the system and improve overall performance.
  • Improve user experience: Performance monitoring helps ensure that users have a positive experience when using the software application. By identifying and resolving performance issues, developers can improve the user experience and satisfaction.
  • Optimize resource utilization: Performance monitoring helps to identify resource-intensive processes and optimize the use of resources such as CPU, memory, and network bandwidth.
  • Predictive maintenance: Performance monitoring provides insights into system performance and trends, enabling developers to predict when issues may arise and perform preventive maintenance.
  • Capacity planning: Performance monitoring can help to forecast resource requirements, allowing developers to plan for capacity needs and allocate resources more effectively.
  • Continuous improvement: Performance monitoring provides data that can be used to track improvements in system performance over time, supporting a continuous improvement cycle.

#Monitoring Performance comparison criteria

Here are some comparison criteria for Monitoring Performance tools in software development:

  • Data Collection - How data is collected from applications, servers, and networks.
  • Real-time Monitoring - Ability to monitor systems and applications in real-time to ensure that performance metrics are captured as they occur.
  • Dashboard and Alerts - Provides a dashboard view of system and application performance, with alerts for critical issues and the ability to drill down into performance details.
  • Customization - The ability to customize the monitoring tool to fit the specific needs of the application or environment being monitored.
  • Integration - The ability to integrate with other tools such as issue tracking or notification systems.
  • Scalability - The ability to scale up or down to handle increasing or decreasing demands.
  • Reporting - The ability to generate reports on system and application performance for analysis and planning purposes.
  • Anomaly Detection - The ability to detect anomalies in system and application performance and alert the team accordingly.
  • Root Cause Analysis - The ability to perform root cause analysis on performance issues to identify underlying problems.
  • Cost - The cost of the monitoring tool and whether it fits within the project or organization’s budget.
  • User Interface - The user interface of the tool and how easy it is to use and navigate.
  • Compatibility - The compatibility of the tool with the technologies and platforms used in the application or environment being monitored.
  • Ease of Integration - The ease of integrating the tool into the development and deployment process.
  • Data Security - The security of the data collected by the monitoring tool and how it is stored and transmitted.
  • Support and Documentation - The availability of support and documentation for the monitoring tool.

#Monitoring Performance Summary

Monitoring Performance is a critical aspect of software development that helps to ensure the optimal functioning of a software application or system. It helps developers identify and resolve performance issues, improve the user experience, and optimize resource utilization.

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