Instrumental Monitoring Performance

Instrumental is a real-time, high-scale application and server monitoring tool designed for modern web and mobile apps. Monitor key metrics, catch errors, and optimize performance.

#What is Instrumental?

Instrumental APM is an application performance monitoring tool that helps developers track down and fix issues in their applications. It provides real-time insights into the performance of applications, enabling developers to quickly identify and diagnose problems.

#Instrumental Key Features

Some of the most recognizable features of Instrumental APM are:

  • Real-time monitoring of application performance
  • Automatic anomaly detection to identify issues as soon as they arise
  • Customizable dashboards to display relevant metrics in real-time
  • Advanced alerting capabilities to notify developers of issues immediately
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to help identify trends and performance issues over time
  • Ability to monitor applications across multiple environments, including cloud and on-premise

#Instrumental Use-Cases

Some common use cases for Instrumental APM include:

  • Troubleshooting application issues in real-time
  • Optimizing application performance and identifying areas for improvement
  • Ensuring reliability and uptime of critical applications
  • Measuring the impact of code changes on application performance
  • Identifying and resolving performance issues before they impact end-users
  • Providing insights and metrics to support business decisions and improve application performance.

#Instrumental Summary

Instrumental APM is a real-time application performance monitoring tool with advanced analytics and alerting capabilities, designed to help developers quickly identify and diagnose issues, optimize performance, and ensure reliability and uptime.

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