Rookout Monitoring Performance

Rookout provides instant visibility into live application code with zero latency and no performance hit. Get complete observability without adding logging or changing code.

#What is Rookout?

Rookout is a modern application performance monitoring solution that allows developers to debug and understand software in real-time, without the need for extra code or restarts. With Rookout, developers can identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving the overall user experience.

#Rookout Key Features

Most recognizable Rookout features include:

  • Dynamic instrumentation that allows developers to add custom code to running applications without the need for code changes or restarts
  • Support for popular programming languages and frameworks such as Java, Python, Node.js, and more
  • The ability to capture and visualize data in real-time, providing developers with actionable insights into application performance and behavior
  • Collaboration and sharing tools that allow developers to work together to resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Automated error tracking and alerting to notify developers of issues as soon as they occur
  • Integration with popular DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Slack, and JIRA

#Rookout Use-Cases

Some of the Rookout use-cases are:

  • Debugging and troubleshooting production issues without the need for code changes or restarts

  • Monitoring application performance and identifying potential issues before they become critical

  • Analyzing user behavior and usage patterns to improve application design and user experience

  • Collaborating with team members to resolve issues quickly and efficiently

  • Integrating with existing DevOps workflows to streamline the development and deployment process

  • Improving overall application reliability and reducing downtime

  • Overall, Rookout is a powerful and flexible tool that helps developers to debug, monitor, and optimize their applications in real-time, improving the user experience and reducing downtime.

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