Haxe WebSockets Web Sockets

A Haxe library that provides a cross-platform WebSocket API.

  • Since:2012
  • Github Topic:haxe

#What is Haxe WebSockets?

Haxe WebSockets is a library for Haxe programming language that enables developers to easily implement WebSockets communication in their applications. It allows bi-directional, real-time communication between a client and a server, providing a persistent connection that can handle large volumes of data with minimal overhead.

#Haxe WebSockets Key Features

Most recognizable Haxe WebSockets features include:

  • Easy to use API: Haxe WebSockets provides a simple and intuitive API that makes it easy for developers to implement real-time communication in their applications.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Haxe WebSockets is a cross-platform library that can be used with any Haxe-supported platform, including JavaScript, C++, Java, and many more.
  • Customizable configuration: Developers can configure various aspects of the WebSocket connection, such as message size limits, buffer size, and more.
  • Binary and text message support: Haxe WebSockets supports both binary and text messages, allowing developers to send and receive data in any format.
  • Low overhead: Haxe WebSockets provides a persistent connection with low overhead, making it ideal for real-time communication applications.
  • Built-in error handling: The library includes built-in error handling that allows developers to handle connection failures and other errors gracefully.

#Haxe WebSockets Use-Cases

Some of the Haxe WebSockets use-cases are:

  • Real-time multiplayer games: Haxe WebSockets can be used to build real-time multiplayer games, allowing players to communicate with each other in real-time.
  • Chat applications: The library can be used to build chat applications that allow users to send and receive messages in real-time.
  • Stock trading applications: Haxe WebSockets can be used to build stock trading applications that require real-time data updates.

#Haxe WebSockets Summary

Haxe WebSockets is a cross-platform library for Haxe programming language that provides an easy-to-use API for implementing real-time communication in applications. It offers customizable configuration, binary and text message support, low overhead, and built-in error handling. The library is ideal for real-time multiplayer games, chat applications, and stock trading applications.

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